How it started....


It started in 1969,we bought our first basset local, it had a beautiful temperament, but knowing what I know now , she was ugly .

However, we mated her to an American male, bred in Germany, she got 3 litters by him ( the breed was very unknown these days in Holland,

so there were hardly any males available) and she got 36 puppies all tri-colors, the bitch herself was red-white,

so I thought ( never heard of dominant colors) she was mated by some other breed.

Since that time I have learned a lot and I am still learning .Then I got my first bitches from England: Wingjays Pardon and Beacontree Calender.

The last one called Tangy I build my kennel on. Mated to Akerwood Boots she produced Phoebe van Hollandheim

and Phoebe to Longfellow Anthony Adam gave me the famous Lonesome Lover v. Hollandheim, who's name was totaly wrong ,

because he was everything but lonely in love. In 1974 I imported Tal-E-Ho's Top Gun (Gunner) from U.S.A.

He brought me the very good angulation, which you can still find in my kennel.

Lover mated to Gunner's pups or the other way around worked most of the time very well.

One of Gunner's wellknown sons was Kazoo,his mother was Abba v. Hollandheim and she was a Phoebe daughter.

So all that time I stayed nice in the line, but you have to go out sometimes and I went to another american ,

complete different line. Ch.Sonny Olde Fashion Spumoni, lived in Italy .I have used him 5 times and mated to Deborah v Hollandheim,

he gave me Norris v.Hollandheim , who came back to me, his breeder, when he was 4 1/2 years old.

 He started his showcarreer also late, but not too late , because in no time he became Dutch.- German.- Lux.- Danish and Swiss Ch .

..He has some nice pups in the ring now. Some of them are already Ch..themselves. March 1999 I judged in Australia

and met some people and at the end I could buy Austr.CH. Kinkiwi Lord Phillipe, (Stefan) .Helas he died ( November 2000)

Then another great buy was Karipat Ziggi-Zig, she was a beautiful bitch who died of bloat, being in season and ready to be mated again.

She left me a couple of very nice youngsters,Utah from the first litter and Extra Edition and Escapade from the second one. All sired by Norris.

We have already made big plans for the future matings, but being aware that you never know what can happen in between.